VIsion & Mission
To emerge as a comprehensive Institute that provides quality technical education and research thereby building up a precious human resource for the industry and society.
  • To provide a learner-centered environment that challenges individuals to actively participate in the education process.
  • To empower the faculty to excel in teaching while engaging in research, creativity and public service.
  • To develop effective learning skills enabling students pick up critical thinking thus crafting them professionally fit and ethically strong.
  • To share human and academic resources with industries, schools and public agencies through partnerships and outreach activities.
    Archived Notices

    Archieved Notices - Page 8
    ➳ Techno Quest-2016
    ➳ 4-Day workshop on Animation Technology held at NBKR IST from 17th to 20th Oct 2016
    ➳ A One Day workshop on Information Security held at NBKR IST on 18/10/2016
    ➳ "GNOSIS" A National Level Socio & Technical Symposium
    ➳ NSIC's - Workshop on "Emerging Fields" - 21/09/2016
    ➳ National Level Poetry Festival(Swachh Bharath) on 28/08/16
    ➳ Independence Day Celebrations - 2016
    ➳ IV-I Advanced Supplementary Examination July 2016
    ➳ IV -II Instant Examination July 2016
    ➳ IV Year BTech I&II sem Advanced Supple Exam Notification